Escape to Australia with Hollow Coves In Their Latest Video “The Open Road”

Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins are two musicians who have mastered the art of transporting listeners through time and space by way of songs. The indie-folk duo, known collaboratively as Hollow Coves, prove exactly how in their adventurous music video for their latest single, “The Open Road.”

During a time when most people are yearning to see something other than the hometown they have been forced to quarantine in so long, Hollow Coves reminds audiences that there’s a lot left in the world to see, even if it’s done through a simple road trip. While driving from Nhulunbuy, Australia to the Gold Coast, the band soaked up sunshine and hiked across the red wilderness, adding a curious and flavorful excitement to their already dreamy acoustic song.

Born from the sounds of a gentle guitar and the longing that comes from yearning for adventure, “The Open Road” is a soft, folk song that justifies the feelings of both daydreaming for the most exotic escapades to remembering how fun the simplest moments in life can be. “With the summer sun over open plains, with the windows down, we’ll drive along,” the duo sings, “And our hearts will grow as our troubles fade away.

“We recently went on a road trip from Nhulunbuy to Gold Coast and got to see so much of our beautiful country, Australia,” the duo revealed on Instagram. “From the vivid red dirt roads of the Northern Territory to the crystal clear blue water of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. We saw so many incredible natural landscapes. We took a camera with us and filmed parts of the journey. We decided to use the videos to put together a self-made music video for this song. Hope you enjoy!”

Featured on their most recent album, Moments, “The Open Road,” is only one song out of many that showcases Hollow Coves’s talent for adding captivating allure to effortless acoustic sounds. The album recognizes the hidden meaning behind simplicity that echoes a lot of the duo’s musical efforts to remind listeners how amazing little moments in life can be.

I’m dreamin’ of the road again / Set free in the wind / Feels like we’ve found home again / On the road that’s grown within.

Following the release of their latest 2020 singles “Evermore” and “Beauty In The Light (Acoustic),” Hollow Coves have shared an acoustic version of “The Open Road” in another video that displays what the two do best – playing acoustic in the outdoors surrounded by open air, infinite energy, and a sonic authenticity that you’ll only understand once you listen.

No matter where you are in the world – as long as you’re longing for a new beginning, a fresh start, some way to escape, or something to believe in, “The Open Road” is for you.

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