Rising Country Star Tiera Makes Debut With Self-Titled EP

Described as “R&B Country,” a vibrant new sound is rising from upcoming country star, Tiera. No stranger to making music, the artist from Alabama is finally making her debut with a self-titled EP that makes for the perfect soundtrack to what it means for a powerful woman to stand strong in her story, in her art, and in her love.

Released on March 12, Tiera was born out of a lifetime of the singer-songwriter’s passion for music. After discovering her love for singing at a young age, Tiera found herself posting videos of covers online. She later became a lead songwriter for the female-run publishing house, Songs & Daughters.

After releasing a handful of soulful, rich, and lively singles throughout 2020 such as Rewind, Be Kind, and Found It In You, Tiera’s latest EP gives listeners a peek into the artist’s true story and sound from a new, more personal lens than listeners were allowed to see through before.

Just after being named CMT’s Next Women of Country Artist, Tiera quickly began developing a loyal following made up of country music fans who could relate to her truthful, honest, and animated sound. Influenced by R&B music and many trips performing in Nashville, combining R&B with country storytelling wasn’t something strange for Tiera. It didn’t have to always be about three chords and a love story that didn’t last. It could just be about freedom, empowerment, connection, and resilience. Tiera proves that a place full of life and love still exists between both genres.

“When I put out ‘Found It In You’ I hadn’t planned to release a full EP,” Tiera explained to Music Row Magazine, “but as my fans grasped onto the single I decided to release this whole collection of songs. It was really important for me to release my first full project independently because I wanted to make my stamp on country music in my own way.”

Produced by Cameron Bedell, the five-song EP features Tiera singing about everything from feel-good love on “Found It In You” to straight independence on “Not Your Girl” to long-term promises on “Miles,” her sultry duet with fellow genre-bending country artist, Breland. Rich and blended harmonies coupled with the comfort of country guitars make her sound both unique and thrilling for listeners.

“This is my way of introducing everyone to who I am as an artist,” says the singer-songwriter to Music Row Magazine. Having written all five songs with close friends and collaborators, the new EP is the perfect way for fans to get to know who Tiera is, as an artist looking to showcase the genres that have influenced her in her own way. True to her roots and true to herself, the artist’s self-titled EP – in all its brightness and originality – is still just an introductory chapter into Tiera’s artistry, and the best part is that she’s only just getting started.

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Photography by Kamren Kennedy