Jimena Ramos Yengle On Writing Her First Novel and Why You Should Write Yours Too

Jimena Ramos Yengle is a Peruvian artist, actress, and writer, but most recently she’s become a published author. Her first romantic novel, Roma Enamorada, was released in May 2021, and ever since, she’s been reflecting on her book writing process and inspiring others along the way.

Yengle’s novel which summarizes its romantic adventures and compelling characters as “Roma, como la ves,” or “Rome, how you see it,” is only the most recent chapter of the artist’s creative journey. From painting as early as four years old to publishing her own blog, “Magical Manuscripts” at fourteen, Yengle now has poems, stories, articles, and artistic pieces published by multiple literary magazines worldwide.

Now, at just 19, Yengle has published her Roma Enamorada, born out of a writing process she describes as “magical.” In the middle of pursuing studies in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Psychology, and Performing Arts, the author shared exclusively with The See Through an original poem describing what it was like for her to dive in to writing Roma Enamorada.

Before going through the process of writing my first romantic novel, Roma Enamorada, I believed that writing a book was just another canvas, inside an art museum. The curiosity to live that experience called me aguishly. I decided to go through the process of writing a book, as when you decide to take a train. Making the decision was exciting and easy, but getting into the action was beautiful and emotionally difficult, kind of like falling in love.

Drag your toes across each stage.
Cry out loud when understanding the anguish, repression, or frustration of a character.
Show the infinity of man’s confusion and combustion of thoughts.
Delimit the realities, bringing the microscope closer to sight.

Fall into an abyss of interpretations, of all colors.
Admire an imposing and terrifying realism, such as a deep and poetic surrealism.
Smile inevitably, at the connection suggested by more than one thought.

Bring discernment to the highest point of imagination.
Get angry with that character who does not fulfill your wishes.
Fall asleep meddling in the depths of an idea that defines an event.
Read each word, hoping it resonates in your spirit.

Create your conception of the magical experience.
Sing with emotion imagining people feel what alters the outcome.
Freeze time, wanting to introspect.
Feel the active participation of the imagination.

Dedicate time to your mental processes.
Add value to that voice that crosses your mind without asking permission.
Giving depth to the banal.
Contemplate the essential, invisible to the eyes.
Revive before love.

Questioning, reflection and assessment.
Become aware.
Acclimatize until you lose your steps in history.

Your World In A Book by Jimena Ramos Yengle

All that meant writing Roma Enamorada. And you, reading this article – I want to send you a direct message to the heart. Jump, and get on the train, because a wonderful creative process awaits you.

Purchase Roma Enamorada by Jimena Ramos Yengle here.

Hay princesas que deciden creer. Pragmáticos incurables y duquesas empoderadas en el ajedrez. Trovadores que no entienden del querer. Acuarelistas con dilemas y estrés. Pianistas italianos con el alma en alquiler.
Roma es como la ves.

There are princesses who decide to believe. Incurable pragmatists and empowered duchesses in chess. Trovators who do not understand love. Watercolorists with dilemmas and stress. Italian pianists with the soul for rent. Rome is how you see it.

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