How You Can Help Afghanistan

Since the US made the decision to remove its troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has seized control of the country, waged war against the Afghan government, and forced hundreds of thousands of Afghans – 80% of whom are women and children – from their homes. Many Afghans are now attempting to leave the country for safety.

With the Taliban targeting the press and women’s rights, the lives of many media workers, including women Afghan journalists, are at risk. By eradicating the freedoms many Afghan women have fought for since 2001, the Taliban are trying to silence women and girls across the country.

Women Afghan journalists are experiencing this crisis first-hand and are reporting to the world eye-witness stories about the country and its people. Supporting them and their safety can help preserve their voices. Here are a few direct ways you can help.

Amplify the experts.

While it remains an individual responsibility to help spread awareness on humanitarian issues, the information and resources you share should be credible. One of the most important ways you can help support Afghanistan is by amplifying the expertise of those who are knowledgeable, local, and experienced. Below is a list of local Afghan activists, journalists, scholars, educators, and creators to support.

Support these Afghan voices.

Instagram for Resources:

Twitter for Updates:

Donate to direct aid.

If you can donate to help Afghan women and refugees, ensure that your funding goes to a credible organization. Below is a list of direct aid organizations and non-profits who are currently accepting donations.

Women for Afghan Women
Working to protect and defend Afghan women, children, and families

International Women’s Media Foundation
Supporting and protecting the critical role of female journalists

Rukhshana Media
Women-led publication reporting on Afghan news in real time

Afghan Aid HQ
Providing urgent assistance to Afghan men, women, and children

Committee to Protect Journalists
Supporting journalists in the field of conflict areas through emergency relocation, legal, or trauma support

Contact your officials.

Countries such as Canada, Pakistan, Iran, Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, and more have opened their borders to take in Afghan refugees. Many activists are demanding that the United States does the same.

As a US-based media magazine, we call on our audience to urge the US to open its doors to all Afghan refugees – not just those who have previously worked for the government. The demand to help evacuate Afghanistan and safely shelter refugees is currently supported by 50 US senators who have sent a letter to President Biden urging him to take action. You can help too.

Call, text, or email your local elected officials.

• To call your representatives, dial 1-844-USA-0234. Entering your zip code will automatically connect you to your local elected officials.

• To text your representatives, text “RESIST” to 50409. Resistbot will send your message directly to your local elected officials. Script in bio.

• Email the White House using the form at

Share helpful resources.

Use social media to spread knowledgeable information regarding the Afghanistan crisis. Donation links, local news updates, and refugee resources directly from your home country can be helpful to share. Many Afghans no longer have the privilege of using their voice to speak out. Use your platform with the intention to educate and amplify.

Help refugees find safety and shelter by supporting these organizations.

International Refugee Assistance Project
Seeks lawyers to enforce human rights and legal resources for refugees

Donates flyer miles and resources to help refugees, asylum seekers, and those impacted by crisis

Save The Children
Provides education and safety for children in Afghanistan since 1978

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