Madina Records “Sarzamine” With All Profits To Support Afghan Refugees

In Afghanistan, many musicians and artists have destroyed their instruments and artwork in an effort to stay survive and stay safe, following the country’s ban on music being played in public spaces. Afghan women are also undergoing the horrific experience of losing much of their rights, including self-expression and speech under Taliban rule. Afghan-Dutch performing artist Madina is using her art to bring awareness to the people suffering in her home country.

In protest, she recorded the song “Sarzamine,” which translates to “My Land,” in support of the people in Afghanistan and as a tribute to her home. Originally made famous by Dawood Sarkhosh, a Hazara singer who recorded the song following a massacre of Hazaras at the hands of the Taliban in 1998, “Sarzamine” has always been a song of protest for artists singing for their Afghan brothers and sisters.

“”My name is Madina, and I am an Afghan Dutch female artist,” the singer states on social media. I know that they banned music and basically all women’s rights. I am not afraid of anything. I, and hopefully so many other Afghan women will do it for our mothers and sisters in Afghanistan. My prayers go to the people in Afghanistan suffering. Hopefully with the strength of all of us, there is still hope. For now, I recorded this song for you.”

All profits from streaming “Sarzamine” by Madina on YouTube and Spotify will go towards funding for Afghan Refugees. If you are unable to donate to help Afghan refugees, stream “Sarzamine” to help support Afghan women, children, artists, and refugees seeking safety, protection, and freedom.

Stream “Sarzamine” by Madina

Image via Music Video: Madina – Sarzamine (prod. Harun B) / Ismo Music